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So sue me – Episode II

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Missing Trolleys


We started a project on missing and abducted trolleys as a social emergency, we’re gathering data on Flickr.

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We support SCLF!

cat.png is the new blog of Schroedinger’s Cat Liberation front, who’s been active for years in the struggle against animal cruelty in theoretical physics labs. Respect, guys, and keep up the good work!

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What’s left of Liquid Cat?

We post around incomprehensible flyers, in the hope that someone would rip ’em. Here some of the results.

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Phase 1 started


As you can see in this flickr photoset we started working on our Holy Water project (as franchise holders of monochrom). Preproduction (the gathering of the precious liquid) is undergoing in the whole city. In these pictures you’ll find just an example of our modus operandi.

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Experimental production started


Here, on a nice Armani pinstripe (’cause we got style), you can see our patented human-powered suction device with 40ml of rather yellowish holy water. Photos of the gathering process will be available later in the day on this very weblog.

This water has been graciously (albeit unconsciously) donated by the parish of Santa Croce, here’s a quick quote from its official site:

Santa Croce is one of the oldest Franciscan basilicas and, in terms of its dimensions, also one of the most magnificent. Adjacent to the church is the convent complex with its two cloisters, the novices’ quarters, the Chapter Room, better known as the Pazzi Chapel, and the refectory, which is now the premises of the Museum and houses famous works originating from the church and the cloisters.

Built in 1294, to a design by the great architect Arnolfo di Cambio, the Basilica has lived through seven centuries of history, augmenting its artistic heritage as a result of exceptional contributions, to the point of becoming one of the best-loved and most visited sites in Florence.

This water, together with a sizeable amount of other fine holy waters from Florence, will undergo the purification process devised by monochrom, Austria.

Here’s another shot, together with a couple of our own True Cross ® Spikes, which help preserve its sanctity while on the way to the processing plant.

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So sue me


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