Celje (and Šmartinsko jezero) #2

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Tito trg

We visited Velenje, a town that sports the largest marshall Tito statue in the world. Velenje is a minerary socialist dream, it has been built to house the workers for a local lignite mine. Gorenje, a manufacturer of washing machines and armored personnel carriers has its headquarters in the area.

gorenje APCs

Back to Šmartinsko jezero


We went for a nice tour of the lake on a boat that once carried Agatha Christie (on another lake). The boat has been refit with an electric engine as petrol engines are off limits on the area. Our host advised us not to dip our feet in the water, apparently there are giant carnivorous carps dwelling in the deeps. They use to eat children and small dogs.

107 Kg  Siamese Giant Carp_1

Oh, deer!

When we came back to the house a couple hunters arrived on a brand-new SUV. In the trunk they had the fresh corpse of a young deer, which they proceeded to slaughter on the dinner table. We had our daily dose of blood, gore and deer cutlets on the grill. Most of the beast went into a really tasty Gulash that we’ve been compulsively eating for the next day or two.


Now, off to Zagreb, Croatia.

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Celje (and Šmartinsko jezero) #1 Stage 4: Celje – Zagreb

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