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We finally got to Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Zagreb is distinctively influenced by the Austro-Hungarian empire in terms of architecture and city planning (in the centre), and by Soviet good practices (in the outskirts). The result is a small historical city centre, very well kept, and a sprawling metropolis of concrete highrise buildings all around it. The latest developments are huge shopping malls and fast-food franchises. A sort of icing on the cake.

St. Mark

Croatian people look very proud of being, well, Croatian. Everything in Zagreb is chequered white and red, people wear chequered t-shirts, sport faces chequered in red freckles and every single car has a “HR” tag on it. Like they would not recognize each other.

Tehnički muzej Zagreb


The museum layout and collection clearly dates from the glory days of good old Yugoslavia. Stress is put on worker achievements, mine production, big greasy steam engines and a big lobby filled with areonautical and transportation specimens such as a P-47 Thunderbolt in Yugo livery and an old pocket submarine (under restoration). There’s also a space section with Apollo era scale models (a Saturn V, the ASTP and a couple Soyuz crafts) but also 1:1 scale replicas of a Lunokhod rover (pictured above) and a Mercury capsule complete with LES.


Then you turn a corner and find our engine, the very one we’ve been cooking on the previous day, in the middle of an exhibition gallery. We know where to go for spare parts now.


In the firefighting section (firefighters are held in high esteem in all of the former Yugoslav republics) we’ve found some nice Hazmat suits and equipment.


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Stage 4: Celje – Zagreb Stage 5: Zagreb – Beograd

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