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Niš is the hub of serbia. This is where the roads to Sofia, Thessaloniki, Skopje and Beograd meet. It is also the third city in Serbia after the capital and Novi Sad. Due to this strategic location Niš has always been a prominent settlement in the region, and for instance, is the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the very roman emperor who brought Christianity to Rome as a state religion.Niš is now a modern city of 250.000 people.

The city is home, among other historical remains, of a very curious monument. it is the Ћеле Кула, the Skull Tower of Niš. It was built by the Ottomans out of the skulls of the participants to a Serb uprising. It was like a large sign saying “Don’t fuck with the Sublime Porte!“. Unfortunately we found the place closed.


Recent history has not been gentle on the city of Niš. During WWII it has been home to a Nazi concentration camp and on a hill you can visit the Bubanj memorial, where 10.000 people from south Serbia have been shot by the Nazis.


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Stage 6: Beograd – Niš Stage 7: Niš – Skopje

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