In this country:

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In this country, like we haven’t already got enough problems, the police can kill you for 20 grams of pot, or just because they don’t like your face. In this country a medical doctor is willing to sign a death certificate stating, as cause, natural death while looking at a poor, beaten up, tumefacted, manhandled corpse. In this country police and secret service officers have blackmailed politicians and ordinary people alike, and thus enjoyed a status of superiority to the law. This mexican standoff has been going on for years.

In Genoa, in 2001, hundreds of people have seen the true face of this regime.

Police forces lack the cultural tools, are understaffed, underpayed, undertrained, underequipped. The apparatus is willing to cover-up. Politics connive. Liquid Cat is fed up with the general situation in Italy. And Liquid Cat is not alone. And not only in this country.


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