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Liquid Cat skunkworks report


Liquid Cat skunkworks, the black-ops division of our company, has introduced a new drug in the local rave scene. In times of horror vacui people gather around a bonfire and tell tales of fear and carbohydrates. The new substance comes in two delectable colours and it’s so sweet you’ll wanna lick it! The substance comes in sugar candies which must be powdered and snorted (if possible) on 3,5″internal floppy drives.

I found this video on youtube, that describes the experience more or less.

Update: the market has beaten us again!


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Liquid Cat under scrutiny


Liquid Cat presented the documentation for the admission at the 2007 Biennale of Alexandria. The project we submitted is ptv. Let’s hope they like it.

A fiberglass or plasterboard structure houses a PONG console and a TV RF transmitter. The spectator is allowed to play with the console and the resulting game is broadcast out of the exhibition venue on a free-to-air analog TV channel. The work centers on the second Societé du spectacle, that of the last twenty years, by flattening individualism and fifteen-minutes-of-fame to grant everyone fifteen minutes of anonimity.
PTV is a transportable TV production facility. It contains everything necessary to broadcast a non-stop sports transmission.
PTV houses a PONG device, a TV RF transmitter, a venue for private sports events, the game is live on the left screen, the right screen monitors the broadcast, a bench is provided for the player’s comfort. The PONG trimmers are placed on the sides. PTV is broadcast in a range of a few hundred yards. PTV not only allows anonimity to the players, it rather forces them to it, as PONG technology doesn’t allow any personalism. There is no way to transmit the players’ names.

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Product diversification


As the launch date approaches, Liquid Cat, which wants to capitalize on the recently acquired monochrom holy water asset, is diversifying its future product line.

San Giovanni Light is a low-holyness water, indicated for an agnostic diet, it is a fine blend of 50% San Giovanni Quality Aseptic Holy Water and 50% of water from the Arno River (purified and guaranteed by the City Council of Florence, Italy).

(Related news)

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Liquid Cat opening a dorkbot chapter in town


In accordance to our religious affiliation (The Church of the Holy Zzap) we have officially requested the grant of a license to open a dorkbot chapter in our hometown. News will follow.

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Alberto Grifi is dead. Liquid Cat is sad.


Alberto Grifi (1938-2007) died a couple of days ago after a long battle. Unsung master of the italian experimental cinema and film hacker (his homemade 1974 vidigraph device is pictured above), Alberto was a friend of Liquid Cat. And we were friends of Alberto’s. He is no more. We’re just sad.

Alberto was the author, among other works, of Verifica incerta (1964, with G. Baruchello), a cinematographic cut-up massacre of discarded hollywood films, and Anna (1975), the first italian feature shot on video, a meta-film.

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Global Spam Conservation Project


E-mail pesticides are reducing the diversity of POP and IMAP ecosystems. Spam, which is now the dominant species is being eradicated by sophisticated filters and firewalls. The result of this effort will be, in the near future, the extinction of Spam.

We want to warn the world. This will be a global catastrophe.

We’re launching a conservation project.  The aim of our project is to catalogue and preserve the beautiful diversity in Spam. Spam could be the next sentient lifeform in this planet. As you know any sufficiently complex phenomenon is likely to develop emergent behaviours, one of which is intelligence.

Our Spam Conservation Facility is under final testing in Bangalore. Portable units for field research are being developed in the Liquid Cat labs.

YOU can help us. Do not throw away your spam, redirect it (do not forward it, as Heisenberg Indeterminacy principle would destroy it) to

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The deal is GO! Label presented


In a nocturnal cerimony in front of the Episcopal Palace, Liquid Cat unveiled a preliminary design of the new label for its purified Holy Water brand San Giovanni.

The press has been informed that Liquid Cat and monochrom settled their agreement over the licensing for the purifiation technique. The italian company is currently organizing its labs for the production of the new Holy H2O. (Related news).

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